KCD Pics

Ten-year-old doing her laundry! (Susan, Dallas)


Restaurant worthy dinner, from recipe to preparation on her own. (Melissa, Dallas)


Dessert for a party from scratch… a tween who hopes to own a bakery some day.


Kid-organized drawers tend to stay organized. No more “I don’t know where it goes” excuses. Lots more ownership.

painting garage

Helping Dad with summer projects … fun to think that every time the family pulls into their garage, this kid will get to see his terrific handiwork. (Kelley – Anna, Tx)

kids and forms

Filling out forms at the eye doctor – with moral support.

bike ride

Solo ride across an intimidating thoroughfare… She found a load of confidence on the other side.

Starting Young

Starting young … when it’s fun instead of a chore. (Elizabeth, Dallas)


Taming some Georgia brush… Yard Boy. (Chris – Alpharetta,)

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