Well, we’re halfway through May and it still seems a bit surreal. How can we almost be through another school year? How does time go so fast, yet so slow at the same time?

Still, here we are. May with all its activities has barreled onto the scene. So, welcome to the 6th annual (skipped last year – I mean, that was an entirely different story) May Madness Bracket – Covid Edition.

We had a few contenders drop out this year as uncertainty around gatherings and future events left folks to question. Even the tenacious Ortho-appointment chose to sit out their game, giving a nod of the hat to Teacher Gifts which warrant attention this year more than every. Can we give it up for the amazing effort put forth by our phenomenal teaching staff this year. They deserve an award of their own as they have valiantly straddled in-person & on-line learning while fighting hard to make every kid a winner. Amazing!

And can we give it up for Celebrate Summer Kids with Summer Birthdays (an activity often thrown into a school year’s last few weeks) also graciously took the bench in order to move Lunch with Friends to the Winner’s circle. This is the year PEOPLE are gaming for the prize, as in time with and for people. No longer pushed aside for a later day, Lunch with Friends has made its debut into the Final Four. What was so often taken for granted before Covid is now treasured. Make the most of LWF and grab a couple for lunch this week!

Then, in the strangest turn of events, activities like Teacher Gifts and Graduation Gifts, that formerly ran in their own lane, have come together to form a new team: Celebrate. Because we can. And it feels good to celebrate – accomplishments yes, but even more so OTHERS! My goodness, we’ve made it this far through some challenging days. And we did it together!

And in another bizarre twist, often ignored but undeniably important Mammogram morphed into Self-Care and is finally getting the attention it deserves. It has even gone the extra (beautiful) mile to join hands with Plant Flowers, an unsung hero in goodness for our souls. The benefits far outweigh checked lists and just might put fuel into depleted tanks.

And Mother’s Day – normally handled by mothers, for mothers showed up in force. Kids and Dads were seen out and about getting gifts, doing chores, taking note of all the amazing ways Mom has carried the load this year. Never wavering from being a rock when the ground around felt a bit shaky. with time together to celebrate family and how much it has meant to pull together during a challenging year.

Yes – May Madness is back. But, the pressures to do it all can most certainly be put in their place by slowing down, seeing each other, caring for each other and putting people first – even/especially the person looking back in the mirror.

Thanks for walking the road with me!


… and for anyone interested in walking another road —

My new book (that I absolutely adore – at least the topic. It was written during Covid – so it’s likely raw and could have a few typos — but that probably goes without saying :) comes out next week! And if you’re worn out & need a boost, welcome to a bit of a twist on a Launch Team to help get the word out!

Being a part of this team means that staring next week as The Peace Project hits retailers now until the end of May you would be up for: A 10-Day Soul Boost to take us to the end of May that involves:

  • Receiving (almost the minute you fill out the form below) a free digital copy of The Peace Project so you can start reading right away!!
  • Receiving beautiful screen savers (from a few artists who purposefully practice kindness, compassion & gratitude), fun/shareable recipes, downloadable Kindness Cards to also share
  • Walking together on a 10-day Soul-Boost (practicing thankfulness, kindness & mercy every day for 10 days) – not another to-do added to your list, but an invitation of lightness in the midst of all that May beacons to be done
  • Receiving mail, (if you get us your address) a set of Kindness Cards for you — to keep and/or to share
  • Greeting Summer “swimsuit ready”, not because of a diet, but thanks to a soul-feast that can make even swim-suit shopping fine.  

And IF you’re up for preordering a copy of the book, the first 200 get another copy FREE from the publisher! 

If that sounds fun (no pressures) here’s what you need to do to join:

1. Fill out the sign up form: https://bookrockstar.wufoo.com/forms/the-peace-project-launch-community

2. Check your email for a confirmation message!

3. Be prepared to be blessed & encouraged as we practice thankfulness, kindness & mercy to those around us (including the one in the mirror)

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