On Day 1 of our 8 Days of THANKFULNESS, begins with the letter “T”. Instagram friends landed on things like Table, Teachers, and Time (grateful for extended time with kids & family, a silver-lining of Covid). Which leads to where I landed, thankful for TODAY.

Beingn thankful for TODAY might sound weird, but I’m so glad that we don’t have to be held hostage to yesterday [it has already happened — we can linger in lovely memories or learn from the challenges or circumstances, but let it be yesterday’s day, not relive it today]. And in the same way, tomorrow’s expectations or worries aren’t now. Both can be respected. But TODAY is our day — and I’m grateful!   

Our 2020 has included a major illness that nailed someone I love deeply, andn illness that impacted everyone in our house. And I can barely express the role TODAY played and keeps playing. TODAY offers freedom in heaviness & invites fully living the moments rather than simply existing or enduring b/c TODAY is our day we get. It is good and complete, secure in manna provision – to which we can attest. Safe in God’s hand.

Yes – “T”oday … and TOGETHER. So grateful for the people I get to travel alongside – people I not only love, but really like. I could go on and on!

Which is the thing about THANKFUL – it fills and keeps filling. Already my step was lighter and my eyes open to see beyond the moments to the people who matter. I think that’s one of the magical aspects of THANKFULness – the opening of our eyes to see a bit beyond. Which leads to … Day 2.

Today is day 2 of 8 Days of Thanksgiving. Unike the 12 Days of Christmas, which focuses on gifts, this calling out things for which to be grateful that begins the letters in THANKFUL had us on “H”  
I love a good Hamburger, Hugs (looking forward to those coming back!), and Help (SO thankful for all the help, from amazing healthcare workers to neighbors — watching people coming alongside each other during Covid) … but I keep coming back to HOPE.   
I am so thankful for Hope. It’s an ever-present lifeline, offering steadiness and sureness along every path. It’s like the railing on a staircase or the wall my kids kept near when I’d take them ice skating. Hope is the horizon, especially the beginning or end of a day – with rays bursting forth, filling the sky as a reminder of the Light that informs every day — even on cloudy ones like today where the sun and its light are still there, just shining on the other side of the clouds, still informing the day.

As theologian Alexander Pope said, “Hope springs eternal.” So beautiful. Thankful for that powerful truth that has paved our 2020.

Gratitude/thankfulness really does turn “what we have into enough.”

Thanks for walking the road with me!


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