This pic popped up on my Facebook memories. It made me smile and linger in the way that gratitude/thankfulness really does turn “what we have into enough.”

Along with countless others, we’ve had quite the ride this year. Some of which brought us dangerously close to the edge in ways we never could have imagined. My heart aches a bit as not too distant memories flicker in in and out of my thoughts. Yet even on the darkest day and diciest of moments, the ground stayed solid. The walls of water never closed in over us. One the kids commented at one point, “It’s like we’re living in a dream where you can’t wake up – because this just can’t be real — But somehow it’s undeniably safe.” And it was. It is. Yesterday, today and forever.

That was in our home. But in our world around us, on more than one occasion over these last several months, more than one person reached out on social media (though I’ve been all but MIA on FB and so many fronts for that matter) to ask if I would do a Soul30 (our little experiment practicing thankfulness, kindness & mercy each day for 30 days) Challenge. Which of course, I happily did – unaware that I would be the one blessed and bolstered by practicing these things.

Their impact just can’t be overstated.

Mercy never fails to fire a soul-boost, while acts of kindness (to others and well as ourselves) inevitably invites a rush — but thankfulness always stood ready to faithfully prime the pump for it all to take place. Though ticking off things for which to be grateful might seem like nothing, or maybe even tired (especially with kids who can’t help but “not this again” roll their eyes) – it’s power is undeniable.

I was thinking about it’s power last week. Thinking about THANKFUL – about its 8 letters and how if attached to days it could take a page from the 12 Days of Christmas and prompt a really fun (meaningful) week +1 day. Filling our tank with gratitude so we’re primed and at peace, ready to celebrate a fully experience one of the year’s best holidays just might be what the doctor order right about now.

Here’s the idea:

Celebrating all we have which turns the focus on giving and primes our hearts to be open for caring and loving others in a new type of together (that will likely involve distancing), bringing people close (even if political or social issues may have divided).

Because people matter.

So – starting Wednesday, I hope you will pop over to Instagram OR Facebook, follow along and/or maybe start your own 8 Days of Thankful with you family & friends. Each day we will celebrate things for which to be thankful that begin with the 8 letters in THANKFUL. I hope you don’t mind me sharing mine, as I hope you’ll share yours and we can be encouraged by each other. And who knows, a few give-aways might pop up along the way — since it is ThanksGIVING.

Since having kids, I’ve loved Thanksgiving even more than I did growing up. I greatly appreciate that this holiday puts the focus on all we have before the onslaught of advertisements and sales and purchasing (must have’s) comes on like a freight train. I’m super excited to linger in THANKFUL for the next few days.

Spa-days for our souls.

Thanks for walking the road with me. I really mean it. Thank you!!


8 Days of Thankful Templates for Insta (of FB) Story

just hover over jpeg and left-click to “save image as” on your computer or phone (I think this will work … hmmm – you might have to bear with me)



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