Today is day 8 of 8 Days of THANKFULness (like the 12 Days of Christmas, but instead of gifts, calling out things for which to be grateful that begins the letters in THANKFUL). Today is “L”        
I am so thankful LAUGHTER & LOVE!  

Laughter might be the only contagious thing we want to catch. Good thing it’s highly contagious. And unlike annoying Covid-19, it’s a wonderful contagion. It’s healthy – for the body and soul. Laughter literally reduces stress hormones, is good for our heart, activates T-cells (which boost immunity), fires endorphins and brings people together. It’s the perfect side-dish to bring to 2020 Thanksgiving tables everywhere – well any table, anywhere, any day.  
And being thankful for LOVE kind of goes without saying, but should always be said and given and received. And after 8 days of filling our tanks with thankfulness, we have A LOT of love to give. May we lead with love tomorrow as we gather for meals (even on Zoom 🤔) And may we call out & be thankful for all we have rather than distracted by thinking about all we could, would or should have. So we can see beyond the world’s chaos to spot and share pockets of peace!  

Thanks for playing along on (or putting up with ) our 8 Day THANKFULness tour. Feel free to use template (last pic) to play at your Thanksgiving table. And, for your viewing pleasure, (🙄😳😂) a little something that recently made me laugh on grocery run.

Mitty in the Whole Foods parking lot after my quick-stop & grab (he wasn’t alone in the car:)

Here’s our 8-day recap (or you can link HERE to read a little more on Instagram.

It was such fun, and my tank actually is very full. Thankfulness (along with kindness and mercy that came along for the ride) actually helped me some pretty tough bumps yesterday. Again, so grateful.

Here is one of my favorite quotes of the week from Helen Keller:

Understanding (from Day 7) is one of the most beautiful things about being human. Its something we all crave – to understand and to be understood. It never leaves us stagnant or holds us captive but sets us free through knowledge, perspective, humility, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, grace —wisdom.  

It might be a weird word to be thankful for, but understanding actually brings us together — which is almost like a superpower. A really great superpower worth activating these days.

Thanks for walking the road with me!



A few folks asked about getting the blank template of THANKFULness for their gatherings tomorrow. So here you go! Hope you have a very blessed holiday!

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