Quick update on my MRI results (thanks for the sweet emails :). They didn’t see anything that would be causing my hearing loss. So no news is good news… except it leaves the question of what in the world has happened to my ear??!!

Now they did mention noticing quite a depletion of brain cells. I’ve told them I’ve made several donations at Baylor hospital throughout the years, the first more than 13 ago. I’m not sure how the recipients are using them. In fact one of them seems to be regularly avoiding any exercise in the brain area. We’ve had several pointed discussions to the matter as of late. The end of school cannot get here fast enough for us.

I also wanted to do a quick update on our chores.
– The girls are still dead on in making beds and picking up their bathrooms.
– The boys … not so much. So sad. I feel terrible taking away their bucks.
– Dinner – still going strong. Although, I’m ready to take it back. I’ve decided to give them each a break here and there. Some of their menus are just so bland and not what I feel like eating. Okay… there I go complaining. Maybe I’m getting to feel their pain.
– Our yard experiment has been mediocre. Polly Procrastinator here has put off and put off our garage sale which would be the biggest catalyst to outdoor clutter control. (Even though Jon has forbidden me to sell those darn chairs! Why? I cannot imagine!) Sadly, the weather doesn’t look good for this week. But we might try anyway. Plus the weather has been too cold to do any planting. The sweeping and raking has been great, but I was hoping for crisp organization and specific duties outside of the house as well as in. Not to mention, I haven’t had any takers on my job postings. hmmm… not sure what to think about that.

We’ll keep plugging along.

Overall … I have really enjoyed watching a couple of them embrace their innate work ethic. On the other hand, I’ve been equally disappointed in the others who fight it. I can’t decide if they were born that way, or if we’ve enabled them to the point they now instinctively back away from responsibility. It’s worth pondering, that’s for sure.

I busted myself just a few moments ago as I emailed an establishment inquiring about a summer work opportunity for Teen Take-Out. Why in the world am I so bent on arranging things for him??!! It must be a disability for sure. I just can’t stop myself. I wonder how many days in a row I could go without putting my grubby little fingers into his business. … All in the name of love – right??!!

Thanks for walking the road with me. (I’m just joking about the brain cells :)

Table Talk Wednesday on the docket for tomorrow!

Words of Wisdom from The Ironing Board
Dottie Jones answers a question from a mom whose personality is opposite to that of her 4th grade daughter’s and is concerned about the challenges that have ensued:

As far as the daughter wanting more space and being angry – I would say this is fairly normal for this age – consider her body at this point. Mom, try and remember when you were in 4th grade. This is a tough time for the daughter – even more than for the Mom. Kids haven’t had years of experience to know how to handle things as well as we should as adults. They are kids. We don’t want to expect them to be adults.

4 things about temperaments:

1) Their differences are by God’s design and not an accident. Neither one of them needs to be like the other, only like Christ.

2) Their differences should be “appreciated” and not just “accepted” or tolerated

3) Their differences are how God stretches and changes us into the likeness of Christ

4) Their differences will require seeking and extending forgiveness daily and this is a good thing – if it is done.

One other thought – relationships that we want LATER (when they are teens) are built TODAY (as 4th graders). Law of the Harvest.

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