For the Techno-n00b…

If you enjoy what you’ve found here at the MOAT blog, there a few ways to stay connected.

Email Subscribe

If you would like to get an email reminder each time a new blog is posted, just enter your email address into the  that says box at the top of the blog and click on the “Subscribe” button.


A window from Feedburner will pop up to make sure you want to subscribe:

Email Subscribe

Enter the funky lettering into the blank box and click on the “Complete Subscription Request”. Then look for an email from Feedburner in your inbox in order to complete the subscription.

feedburner emailClick the link and you’re done. (You might need to check your junk box. Sometimes the message gets spammed.)

Why all the hassle? … Purely for your protection. Feedburner wants to make sure that you’re getting something you signed up to receive.


RSS Feed

Now this option may seem super high-tech, but it’s actually made to make life easier for people like us.  “RSS” stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. It effectively hand-delivers everything you like to read directly to your computer so you don’t have to make an effort to check for yourself. All that’s required is a “Reader” (for Google Reader – click here: Get Google Reader) and a little faith. There are lots of great Readers. If this is the route you want to explore, take some time look around. Once you install the reader, though, you need to visit it in order to see any updates on sites you follow.

Here’s a funny little video that explains it all: