Metaxas and Modern Day Hansel & Gretel

Yesterday, I was listening to Jay Richards on the Eric Metaxas Show. They were chatting about economics, about U.S. domestic issues and about Greece. Quick promo: Eric is SUPER nice to have me on his show today. He’s a terrific host – fun, thoughtful, smart, hilarious – a great listen ANY day, but would love it if you tuned in HERE today. I’m on live at 1pm CST, but you can link and listen any time. Greece’s situation could almost be a case study on human nature. Left to oneself, free of restraint, absent key components of a common language based on decorum (specifically those related to character – doing what is right, considering others interests ahead or even equal to your own), ultimate demise is eminent. Not to over-generalize, but watching the story unfold reminds me of Hansel and Gretel. It’s

Proof in the Pudding … or Cake

Last week, I had a phone interview with Tracy at Real Simple Magazine who is putting together an article on kids and entitlement for their December issue. I so enjoy getting to meet new people and talk about life – even when over the phone. And, it’s been crazy the amount of new folks whose paths I’ve crossed due to Cleaning House. Sometimes the venue can be a bit heady, like Real Simple. I would be lying to say that I wasn’t a teensy bit excited and in slight disbelief when I received her inquiry. But, regardless the outlet, we’re all just people. Tracy, like me, is a mom who loves her kids. All the readers, or viewers or listeners, are people who either care about the kids they’re raising or about the societal environment in which we all live. People. Who matter. Who have purpose. Who belong. …

Closed Door Opportunities

One thing I’ve noticed with my kids is how quickly they take “no” for an answer or even assume they can’t ask. I mean, someone could look at them with a quizzical response to a question and, more often than not, they’re running the other way saying something like, “It’s closed” or “Can’t do it,” or “I told you it would be no.” I find it so interesting. It must have something to do with aversion to failure. Or maybe it’s just regular kid don’t-want-out-of-the-comfort-zone. Could it the new normal of choosing flight over fight? Thinking that very few things are worth scraping and clawing to get to the other side. The other day I drove to Plano with one of my kids riding shotgun by my side. We absolutely love the Great Harvest Bread Company. When one near our house closed a few years ago, I went into mourning. So,

Top 10 List for helping your tween/teen become AUTONOMOUS & RESILIENT

Last night I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking at St. Luke’s Episcopal School in San Antonio. I loved getting to meet the terrific families and enjoyed the great conversation that ensued on the topic of taming youth entitlement; but, one of the sweetest pleasures was getting to know Tom McLaughlin, St. Luke’s Head of School. His passion on eradicating entitlement and, more importantly, raising up leaders fills every hall and classroom in that school. I asked him if I could share with you something he wrote to encourage the parents and families in his school. I hope you are inspired like me. Thanks, Tom …. and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay TOP TEN LIST …. for helping your tween/teen become AUTONOMOUS & RESILIENT 1) Encourage your son/daughter to make close friends and acquaintances at school. 
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