Statues of Liberty

I’m so excited about today’s guest blogger, Todd Rapp.  He’s been a friend for over … well, let’s just say a long time!  (No need to point out years — Isn’t it funny how things seem like they happened just yesterday until you put a date on them.  Then you realize that you’re actually older than you thought.)  He has worked with and encouraged tween/teens for 20 years.  What a privilege to hear from him today.  Thanks, Todd    Protecting Our kids With 4 boys, I’ve come to expect that we’ll be headed to the emergency room a few times.  Our local hospital is well acquainted with my family.  I showed up 4 times in one year, and my son Carter showed up twice in one week.  I asked if we could get a 2 for 1 deal, but apparently they don’t give out deals like that.  Carter
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