Required Summer Reading … and other product-pull that can sap joy from the process

required-reading It’s that time of the summer – at least for homes with school-aged kids. These are the days when we look up and see Summer’s end creeping ever closer. (boo-hoo-hoo, sob, sob, sob!!) And I watch my kids try – okay I chide them to – complete their Required Summer Reading, I know that a lot of the wonder that could accompany such a task gets lost in the completion of it. “Required reading” tends to be done rather than savored => product over process. The books my kids have on deck this year are actually terrific. Each of them, in their unique genres, has something to offer any reader. I picked one of them up, The Sufferings of Young Werther, and have found myself annotating. I know I’m a complete geek. I’ve even had to order that kid another copy since I’m now keeping his. But will he savor

Photo Strolling Perspective

IMG_186 This morning I got a tiny bit side-tracked. I sat down with my cup of coffee before anyone was awake. And what do you know, but my computer was right at my fingertips. So I opened it. And I remembered something I needed to do. But, I opened iPhoto instead. I’m sure I had something of great purpose on my mind, but in true Motherhood-Induced ADD, I saw something that grabbed my attention. Then that thing led to something else – then to another something else – and before I realized it, I was lost on memory lane – completely oblivious to whatever task started the trek. Oh – but it was such a sweet road to travel. I relished in the silliness, the stuffed animals, the missing teeth, more silliness even at special locations (outside the West Wing) very special & fun friends so much love and smiles (well, smiles

“One of Those” Moms

Judgemental-Mommies It’s that time of year again. May – Spring’s December. Because here we go, entering the craziest month of the year. The month where, at the height of exhaustion, we pile on Field Trips, Field Days, Birthday Parties (so all the summer birthday kids won’t feel slighted since no one is ever around to help them celebrate in July), projects, Living History Days, End of Year parties, End of Year gifts, End of Year plans followed by Summer plans … because if you didn’t sign up in April for Summer camps – I hate to say it, but you’re toast. And emails, oh so many emails. Emails about emails, asking if emails have even been seen. Emails begging for a reply … at the very least acknowledgment. It’s in moments like these that I feel sorry for the room mom that has me in her class. I’m

I’m Just a Person …

notting_hill1240198961 I’ve been a tiny bit under the weather of late. See Also: no posts, no social media, lots of feeling cruddy. A virus funk that had the makings of Swine flu nailed me, then decided to give the gift that keeps on giving – Shingles. Who knew the fun?! (Not.) I rarely get sick. And getting sick as a mom – well, it’s not like the days BK (Before Kids) when you could exit life and snuggle into bed with a remote control close by and ample opportunity for silence when desired. Any bed snuggling these days or quiet is almost non-existent. Just stealing away is a feat in and of itself. But I tried. The sneaking off to my room was always interrupted with drink requests, referee appeals, solution requirements, so many things. Then the kids, at least my few that are still in the young category, couldn’t stop themselves from
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