Please tell me this is going on in your house too… “What’s wrong?” Mom earnestly inquires. “Nothing.” Daughter replies. “Listen … You just stopped mid-conversation and huffed off. What’s wrong?” “Nothing.”… pregnant pause … “And – I did NOT huff off.” “Uh – yes you did,” Mom says, looking for a witness – never a good strategy. But said mother succumbs to her immature urge for justification and forces a nearby sibling on the stand. “You saw it… She huffed!” Innocent Bystander looks toward sibling then back to Mom. IB can’t stop herself from throwing the squirmer under the bus, “She huffed alright.” In disbelief the huffer eyes Innocent Bystander

Table Talk – Whining & Complaining by Sue Bohlin

Some years ago at a MOPS meeting, I heard a tremendous word of wisdom. The speaker suggested that moms instruct their children not to whine and complain “because whining is criticizing God’s provision.” Whoa. She’s absolutely right. If someone gets a bigger slice of cake than me, and I complain about it, I am criticizing the giver of cake, who is ultimately God. (Especially in a world where people are dying of starvation.) If I only get ten presents on Christmas morning and the kid down the street got twenty and I complain about it, I am criticizing God’s provision of more gifts than most children will ever see. If someone gets a car on their 16th birthday and I don’t, and I whine about it, I am criticizing the fact that God put me in a family that either cannot, or chooses not to (or both), give me what it seems everybody else gets.

To Text or Not To Text

Jon was given tickets for Thursday night’s Cowboy game. We decided that Teen Take-Out would probably have the best time of all the kids, so gave him the green light to invite a couple friends. He chose two friends from his school. Next came the task of inviting the guys. He started with his friend who has a phone. Preferred method of communication? … You guessed it. Text. His other friend doesn’t have a phone. 8th grader sans cell phone! (Note to self: Commend those parents for counter-cultural living) “I’ll ask him at school tomorrow.” “I think it’s better if you call him at home. Then he can ask his folks.” “Nahw… I’ll just ask him in person.” “No … you will call him at home so he can ask his parents,” I reply, pressing the issue
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