Boozy Bears

Here’s a heads up from a fellow MOAT. As is often the case, sneaky kids have found yet another way to hide their consumption of alcohol. The link below will take you to ClickOnDetroit who kindly walks us through the latest and greatest creative way kids are getting drunk. It’s worth watching… becuase we need to know. How can we stay on top of and ahead of this? It’s hard. Recently, Larry Rosen, PhD. offered his thoughts on such topics at Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in August. He might have been talking about social media, its affect on kids and the often futile efforts of parents to guard kids; but his comment addresses this issue of drinking, too. The key? Talk to our kids! “‘For parents, Rosen offered guidance. “If you feel that you have to use some sort of computer

The Last Word

What is it about a teen and the last word?! Heard in the car on the way to school after a certain teen shrugged off breakfast: Mom: “You’re acting like you want to do well in school with all the studying you’ve been doing.” Kid: “Yeah.” Mom: “Even your grades thus far have indicated that you’d like to experience success at school.” Kid: “Yeah?” Mom: “Well, you need to eat breakfast.” Kid: “No I don’t.” Mom: “Yes you do.” Kid: “I don’t have time.” Mom: “Well, you would if you got up on time.” silence Mom: “It’s like this car. Without fuel it’s going nowhere. I don’t care what kind of car it is. Forget about the Toyota. Let’s say it was a Bugatti {that’s

I Sorry, Mommy

Coming in from a few errands, I walk by my summer-reading crew and head out the back door to give Wembley an outdoor break. “Where’s Jack?” I ask the “readers” (they had long since zipped the reading for goofing around fun). Within moments, I realize that I don’t have to search for the kid. As I looked out our window onto the backyard, I see a good bit of the bottom of our pool covered with rocks. Rocks that our Dad forbids being thrown into the tempting wet surface. Next I see a little culprit scurrying around from the side of the garage. “Jack?” I question. “Jack… Did you throw rocks in the pool.” Very matter-of-factly he informs me that Slow Walker did it. Considering the fact that Slow Walker has been playing at his friend’s house all day, that’s highly

Here was a question and terrific article sent to me by one mom. The article she found is incredibly interesting and well worth a read. I hope you will click on the link. I partial posted the end of it. The gist: kids are way over loaded on media outlets but we don’t have to be victims. Thanks for walking the road with me! -Kay On your blog, have you ever touched on the topic of too much tv or video games? In order to minimize or eliminate tv/itouch/video games this summer, I have made a rule where our kids can’t do any if those things until they have read at least 1 hour.Needless to say, they have not wanted to read an hour most days, but the net effect has been playing board games or card games or outdoor play instead of tv etc. Yesterday, as they were complaining about this rule, I decided to research the subject and tell them the findings so
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