Band of Mothers – Keeping An Eye Out for Each Other

SnapChat. Ever heard of it? Check your kid’s phone and see if he/she has. Looks fun. Seems harmless. This friendly little yellow ghost adorned app allows the user to take and send any type of picture. When a person receives it, they can only see the picture for three seconds before it gets deleted forever. Yay! And it’s crazy popular. A new Survata survey found that “15% of 13-18-year-olds were using SnapChat (a new app) on a regular basis” Great. Send friends pics that disappear. Maybe that’s why Elite Daily, “the voice of GenY” called it “the app that is making sexting simple.” So, a typical, lacking in wisdom, teen clicks it as a ticket to hang a little on the wild side… thinking themselves invincible. It disappears, right? What’s the harm? Until someone quickly snaps a screen shot, burning a momentary bad

What do Cinnamon, Hand Sanitzer and Choking have in common?… Teens

Twister Just when you think it can’t get any crazier in the teen antic scene, think again. ABC News reported earlier this week about “Teens Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer”. (April 24, 2012) I’m having a hard time getting over the gross factor involved in squirting hand sanitizer in your mouth and swallowing (I can hear the “eeewwwws!” from here). But, apparently kids have found yet another way to use idle time, escape reality, okay to just be dumb. About 2,600 cases have been reported in California since 2010, but it’s become a national problem. “It’s not just localized to us,”  Helen Arbogast, an injury prevention coordinator in the trauma program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles,  told ABC News today. “Since 2009 we can see on YouTube it’s in all regions of the country. We see

Lessons from the Desert

Every Thanksgiving, our family (10 adults and 15 grand-kids) buckles up for one of the more fun rides of our year. We celebrated my brother’s 50th birthday all together at one table! … kids at one end, adults at the other, of course. During the week, we had moments of excitement: One including a call from the Scottsdale Police Department. “Sir. Is there an emergency at your house?” “I don’t think so.” my dad replied. “Well, someone called 911.” “Hmm…. I don’t think there’s a problem. But I do have 15 grandchildren, so – “ “Well, the police are on their way.” He quickly responded, “Before you send them, let me check. Here, talk to my wife.” She gets on the phone, he gets on a robe and races to check. On his way,

Heard on the Street… Potion 9 or P9

Since learning about the Boozy Bears (I’m still wandering what they will come up with next), a mom in carpool shared yet another of the latest and greatest. The kids call it Mood Enhancers – bascially they are legal doses of “vitamin”/natural supplement mixtures to promote sexual arrousal. Need we go down the road of the potential lasting effects that ingesting these things can have on a kid?! …besides the obvious insatiable appetite that will lead them looking for more? Here you go … Keep an eye out for “Potion 9”. The little vials are all over the place. It’s not just guys looking for the buzz, girls are apparently filling up on the stuff, too. Yikes! Moral of the story? Talk and LISTEN to our kids. Give them a heads up – not just to steer clear of the seemingly innocent
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