A Fleeting Calgon Moment

calgon Please tell me it hits you too… the moment when you feel the urge to lob a little, “I’m tired of the complaining, the attitudes, the not-getting-long, the bickering, the …. (should probably stop there :) – Guess what … I QUIT!” to the snarky kids that can’t stop telling me how they’ve been wronged by whoever is standing next to them. Okay, so we know we can’t do that. Not only can’t we, but we really don’t want to. This mothering gig is a good one. It starts at the beginning when you’re holding a little bundle of goodness. Who knew you could love a baby the way you do. Not just one baby, but somehow love multiplies because it’s really true when I say, “I love each of you the same amount.” Of course, I must ignore the loud-whispered, “No
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