Table Talk: Thoughts on Thanksgiving by Ruth Meek

I ran into our friend Ruth a few weeks ago and asked if she had anything up her sleeve that she would like to share with us. As is usually the case with me, I forgot to follow up. But I was thrilled to receive this in my in-box and am happy to share. Thanksgiving. Thankfulness. A command. “Give thanks in all circumstances…” Why? Most likely because it’s good for us. It gets our eyes off of ourselves and onto something larger. A good thing both in times of plenty and times of hardship. Whether we’re celebrating or wallowing, the power of thankfulness is hard to deny. Thanksgiving Thoughts 2013 If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the million that will not survive this week. If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the

Table Talk – Ten Tips for Redeeming Christmas by Ruth Meek

tree Today’s Table Talk is by our friend Ruth Meek who does such a terrific job helping us get our eyes focused on what’s important as we barrel toward what can be the Christmas crazies. So… take a deep breath, enjoy for a few days more the thankfulness we celebrated yesterday and lets prepare our minds and hearts together as we enter the season of celebrating others. Thanks, Ruth for sharing your wisdom… and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Advent means “coming.”  The Advent Season, those four weeks prior to Christmas, offer us an opportunity to slow down and ponder the immensity of the Incarnation.  Jesus, the Son of God, taking on human form and humbling himself, left the splendor of the ivory palaces in Heaven to come to sinful earth.  Jesus the Word, who was with God and was God, became flesh so

Table Talk – Internet Safety by Ruth Meek

Dear Parents, While we welcome the relaxing dog days of summer, we must not relax in paying attention to our children’s leisure activities – especially those involving a screen. Enclosed is an article full of up-to-date information on safer surfing.  I believe you will find it helpful in encouraging your children to be innocent of evil. (Article by Ben Smith used with permission of Aim for Success, an organization promoting sexual abstinence amongst teenagers.  Mr. Smith’s comments are not an endorsement of any product or service.) Enjoy, Ruth Cell Phones, Grass Stains and Pocket Protectors By Ben Smith, Program Director, Aim for Success Newsletter, May 2011 Whatever happened to the days when a parent’s biggest worries were grass stains on the new jeans? As our children grow older, those worries grow.

Table Talk – Etiquette for the Disinterested, by Ruth Meek

Today’s Table Talk is by our friend Ruth Meek, the manners maven. I asked her to consider for a moment our pertinent issue of group dating/girls leading relationships. Here are her thoughts. Thanks Ruth  … and Thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Many parents of adolescents are frustrated with the new cultural norm of group dating.  They observe with angst their daughters run with the social reigns and their sons relax and let them. This aggression in the girls and passivity in the boys is an issue modern Christian families should lean against. Long held Biblical beliefs about the role of the husband are severely challenged today.  Ideas such as: the husband has spiritual authority over his wife and is the head of household (anything with two heads is a monster), and that the husband is the primary protector/provider
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