Table Talk – Best Efforts by Ron Harris

Today’s Table Talk is by my friend Ron Harris. Many of you might have enjoyed Ron’s voice for years as he encouraged countless listeners on KCBI. He is so wise (and funny) and offers us a good word today on making it count the first time. I’m planning on getting my kids to read this one … or maybe I’ll read it to them (depending on whether I give into that nagging enabler urge :) Thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay The words from my school days still ring in my ears: “This is going on your permanent record!” I still wonder how permanent that “permanent” record is. After all, some women go to the beauty shop to get a permanent every month or so. Or is that record permanent…like eternal? I guess my fear is that someone some day will go back and check out my permanent record. “Let’s see now. The H’s…Ha….Harr…Harris.
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