Kid Can Do – Dinner

grilled chicken Since starting all the media stuff for Cleaning House – lots of incredible radio interviews, our little trek to NYC for Fox & Friends, Good Morning Texas, (see: In the News) … – I’ve gotten several questions about what our kids have been up to, sometimes in disbelief. So, I’ve decided themoatblog needs to have a “Kid Can Do” segment every so often. I’m happy to share the recipes, techniques, and ideas (which I hope you will do the same) so we can at least set the kids up for success. Earlier this week, a mom on a call-in-show asked me how our eight year old could make dinner, in that an oven and danger is involved. I knew exactly what she was talking about. It’s hard to ask a little kid to open the oven and retrieve a hot pan of food. That’s why we got creative, kept that kid


The first day of March ushered in a high in the 80’s and what looks to be a quick end to our nonexistent winter. Beautiful sunny weather with a light breezed pulled us like a Star Trek tractor beam to the park. Loads of friends plus relaxed laughter – and did I mention the beautiful light breeze – got us home at dinner time. We’ve been a bit errand-challenged this week, in that none have been run. Zero. Nada. Nothing. So who cares if the milk is expired?… It doesn’t smell. And so what if there’s nothing to eat? We can be creative. Which is what I did. (Yes me. It was my night to cook.) Since the Food Network hosts most of the kids favorite shows, I told the girls that I was opting for a “Chopped” dinner. We didn’t have a basket. But if we did, there wouldn’t be much in it. I looked

A Tuesday Tasty Tip

Don’t get your hopes up for a terrific Jane Jarrell tasty tip today … It’s just me. Since the kids and I were throwing together our May soiree (you know May – the month as crazy as December, just without the gifts – our Jane Jarrell-ism for the day), I thought it would be fun to share a super easy, yummy dinner option. Choose you favorite pasta. Ours happens to be fusili. Then grab some olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. A nice topper like grilled chicken goes great with this meal. We add it to some plates and leave it off others. Tonight I bought the grilled chicken (remember it’s May!) and pesto. But both are super easy to make. Toss the pasta with pesto, chicken, parmesan, salt, pepper …and you’ve got a meal worthy of guests – even on paper plates. Which happened …

A Surprise Tasty Treat – Part 2

If you’re just tuning in, click here (A Surprise Tasty Treat) for the beginning of this story. Thankful I’m wearing more than my pajamas, I go back into the kitchen and tell the rest of the family that Walter is coming to cook us a meal. Needless to say, the eyes around our table were wide with curiosity (and uncertainty). “Listen – I have no idea what this will be like, but make sure that Walter feels at home,” I implore my crew. “I can barely believe he is doing this for us. It is so beyond thoughtful. … And I don’t want to hear one, ‘Ewww – That’s gross’ or ‘I don’t like blah, blah, blah’s.’ Got it?! Good.” They nodded at me. We were all a bit uncertain about what’s going on. Walter and Slow Walker make there way to our kitchen
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