Table Talk – A Filter on His Heart by Rebecca Powell Ingram

We are so blessed to have Rebecca Ingram Powell guest post for us today. She has a terrific blog that you need to check out when you have a minute. I think you will really enjoy perusing through her words of wisdom.   Today she’s filling us in on a topic so many MOATs face. I hope you find it helpful. Thanks Rebecca!! … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay   A Filter on His Heart: Protecting Your Son from Pornography She was waiting to speak to me alone. I watched her sitting on the back row as I spoke to mothers of sons at a homeschool convention. Dressed conservatively and wearing a head covering, she didn’t look like the other moms there. I wondered if she was lingering because she was offended by something I said during my “moms only” presentation. In these workshops, I speak openly—bluntly—about pornography
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