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This video from ABC News captures the heart of the issue in drought ridden Samalia – the Horn of Africa. Without going political, it’s hard to know what to do to help in such situations. But from one mom, who more often than not, is known to be a bit behind on current events I thought I’d share. It’s good for our kids to know how lives in other parts of the world are in sustenancy agony … especially as the looming school and “It’s hot” grumbles are going on. Thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Check out ONE.org, your church, etc. for venues through which to help.

More “Other” Stuff

World Vision, like ONE, has recently sent out a blogging entourage to report back on struggling regions of the world. This group is in Bolivia. In fact they’re visiting Cochabamba where my husband grew up. Here’s a blurb from one of the bloggers plus a link to her post. You can also click here (World Vision Bloggers) to see the rest of their crew. All in an effort to get our eyes off ourselves. Listen, when it’s so hot and school is barreling towards us, its hard not to feel consumed with the weight of it all. Might we remember the enormous blessings that surround us. It’s a good time to remind moaning kids… at least mine are moaning and groaning. Tell me I’m not the only one. Thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay   Trickle-Up Economics and a Dam Good Story by Rachael Evans The terrain of Cochabamba,

Shower Time

Some of my best thinking is done in the shower. Well, maybe not my best, but it’s certainly the only time a get a few moments to myself. Even then, I often have a little friend (since I’m still a mother of a preschooler!), anxiously standing on the other side of the shower door, begging attention. Being that the kid is a Future Hoarder of America, I have my strategies to steal extra moments of isolated shower time. I float a, “Hey where’s your suitcase full of balls?” His tear-filled eyes perk and his thoughts begin searching the memory bank. “Go find them…. See if you can find them…” The distraction works. He bounds to find the stash like a lab instinctively chasing a ball. After he leaves, my thoughts start flying as I melt into the warm water washing over my head, transporting

September – Lessons on Hospitality

First … Thanks SO much for the very interesting comments on Wednesday’s post (Turned Tables – One Family’s Take on Dating) . Here at the MOAT, we’re in the works on putting together a panel (that would include Kyle & Lucina) to discuss the very pertinent issue staring us in the face. Would any of you be interested in a Dallas brown bag lunch? We’ll film it and post it so interested parties who can’t attend can still glean from the sage advice, even ask questions via email, etc.  I’d love your comments on that. … If it works we could float a few other pertinent topics at another gathering. We’ve had so much going on, it has been a bit of a challenge to focus on our lesson for September – Hospitality. I’d like for each of them to first-hand taste the hosting
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