The Vols

Vols I’ve told y’all about my roommate when I was a Freshman at Baylor – sweet Susan whom I corrupted with my cluttery ways. (see Coming Clean) After that year, I lived with the same group of girls until we graduated. One of our little gang of four was my friend Starr. Her full name – Angela Starlette Hammer. She was from Ringgold, Georgia and often signed her name with a hand drawn star and hammer. I have so many fun memories of Starr, one of which is her screaming, “Go VOLS” at her Tennessee Volunteers when they played on t.v. Though Ringgold is in Geogia, it’s on the Tennessee border. She & her dad were a die hard fans. With December well at hand and Christmas break beaconing us on the horizon (ohhh… we just can’t wait!) we have some free time heading our way and I’m thinking

An Inspirational Story

I can’t help but post this video about an unsung group of heroes. Just regular folks who stepped up to help in a historical proportion sort of way. There are so many great things to glean from this example of reaching out to help others. As is always the case, not only are the ones in need saved, but the lives of those whose hands are a part of the saving are changed forever. Grab a tissue and take 12 minutes out of your life to witness a story you just might have missed about a group of 9-11 heroes. Then take a few more minutes and pull you kid in to watch…. and hear the beautiful selfless message of helping others with no regrets. Thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay BOATLIFT – An Untold Tale of 9-11 Resilience

The Power of a Pair of Shoes

We usually see him on Wednesdays in the median at Northwest Highway and Preston looking for a handout. I often struggle with the best reaction when solicited on street corners. But, with Richard we’ve come to an agreement. If he’s hungry we get him a burger. Thirsty a bottle of water.  A few months ago he wanted something else. After handing him a sack from Mickey D’s, I asked, “Richard, do you need anything else?” I know his name becuase I asked. He’s a person with a name just like me. I don’t know what landed him in a begging stage of life, but he’s there and right or wrong, is asking for help. “My wife needs some shoes.” he responded. “Okay. What size.” “She wears a 8 and a half.” “Alright then.” I reply while moving forward as directed

Week of Others

Thanks for letting me post this week on others around the world who need our thoughts and prayers. I’m sharing something from Elisa Morgan again today. ABC News has slotted her ONE team as their “Person of the Week” that will air tonight. Plus a longer segment will be aired tomorrow on Good Morning America. Tune in to see what a group of moms (MOMS!) has done with the help of ONE to educate millions on the pressing needs around the globe. Terrific. Thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay   Use Your Voice By Elisa Morgan You might be thinking….enough about Kenya and HIV/AIDS and TB and Malaria and poverty in the slums of Kibera. Let’s get back to the leadership/inspirational/get-me-going content I’ve come to expect in my Weekly ReFill. I mean, after all, it is MYWeekly ReFill. Or you might
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