The End and The Beginning

December 31st tends to leave me a bit uneasy. I can’t help but look back at the year and wonder how it went. Did I accomplish anything? Did we weather well the bumps in our road? Did I grow?… at least in the right areas? Did I shrink? Was I a good friend? Did I love my family well? Did I laugh more than I cried? Why or why not. Then … the all important: what do I want to maintain or do differently in the year that starts tomorrow? Of course, I ask myself, fully aware of my propensity to start out with a well-intentioned plan only to realize a month later that some curve ball (or just plain forgetfulness) knocked me off course. But when that happens, I’ll just take up where I am and keep chugging along as I usually do. But, for today, I will consider pie in the sky. Not to bring on a guilt trip or to set unreasonable expectations,
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