happy family Today’s Table Talk is by Mary DeMuth. Mary is not only a prolific author, but an endlessly encourager to those with whom she crosses paths.  Thanks, Mary for encouraging us today! … check out a few of Mary’s books on The Pantry or her web site when you have a chance, they’re terrific: marydemuth.com. Thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Recently a mother of a baby and a toddler tweeted me: “I’ve heard younger children = physical exhaustion. Teen years = emotional exhaustion. Is that true?” I tweeted back my happy disagreement. “Yes, but if you raise them well, it’s different. I adore my teens so much. They’re actually life giving.” How could I tweet such things? Like any mother I feel insecure about my parenting. But I have found a way that has helped me engage with my kids as they moved from

Table Talk – Conversational Parenting by Mary DeMuth

I hope you enjoy today’s Table Talk by prolific author Mary DeMuth. Be sure to check out her links. She has so many avenues through which she blesses those who cross her path. Thanks for crossing ours today, Mary! … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay I’ve tried nearly every parenting method on the market. Sometimes I’ve felt elated that I grew my children Jesus’ way. Other times I worried that I didn’t discipline correctly. I’ve been stern. I’ve been lax. I’ve wavered. I’ve showered with love. But none of those methods captured my children’s hearts or me quite so much as something I’ll call conversational parenting. In the midst of a rapidly changing culture that embraces the postmodern values of community and authenticity, I’ve realized that some of the top-down parenting methods
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