Table Talk: Top 10 List for Graduates & Their Parents, by Lisa Clark

Today’s Table Talk is by our friend Lisa Clark (SkyMoms). Since graduation is hitting several of you directly and the rest of us indirectly, some perspective and advice might help navigate the road. No need to point out – lots of the tips apply to the rest of the house … including me :) Thanks for sharing, Lisa … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Several years ago, I was asked to speak to a group of seniors and their parents upon their impending graduation from high school.  I was given 10 minutes to share my thoughts.  At that time,  my daughters had already graduated from high school, so I knew what the parents were needing to hear, and naturally I knew exactly what the students needed to hear! So, God laid on my heart some “high points” and I developed the top 10 list.  A little background

Table Talk: It’s Summer!!! Time to … WORK???!! by Lisa Clark

Today’s Table Talk is by the wonderful Lisa Clark. We’re so blessed that she will weigh in from time to time to offer some good old sage advice on parenting our tween/teens.  Is you kid working this summer? I’m talking a real job where a boss is involved. It certainly doesn’t have to be for money, but compensation is terrific incentive. Even if a volunteer job is at hand, there are great lessons we might be missing by letting kids slide into self-absorbed vacation mode. I’m just sayin’. Of course, if looks could kill I would have been on an ER gurney needing some defibrillation action this morning after shoving mine out of the car at the Youth Center. Memories of peeling a certain screaming child off my person at Mother’s Day Out flooded to the present as I watched a similar departure (without

Table Talk – Make this a Summer to Remember! by Lisa Clark

Today’s Table Talk is hosted by Sky Ranch’s Lisa Clark.  I’ve had many requests for Lisa to guest blog, and I’m so thankful she is sharing with us today.  Thanks, Lisa…. and  Thanks for walking the road with me. – Kay  It is quite evident summer is just around the corner by all the countdowns on Facebook.  The STUDENTS are READY for summer, which means no more homework, sleeping in and lazy days! The MOMS are READY for summer, too – no more homework, sleeping in and lazy days! We all anticipate the lifestyle summer brings and most of us have very happy memories of our summers gone by.  As moms, many times we look up on August 15th and think to ourselves, “Wow, another summer gone by…where did it go?  I wish we had done the things we talked about doing as a family, the things we wanted to
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