More Car-Talk – Apparently Awkward

funny pic “Are you still mad at me?” I ask my tween girl. Due to multiple carpool pick-ups and a brother that met with his teacher after school dominoe-ing tardiness for my other drop-offs and pick-ups, she was late to her Bible study. I explained to her, as she huffed out of my car 10 minutes late, that I thought it “interesting” that she was going to a “Bible study” mad because her mother was late due to putting others interests ahead of her own. … She didn’t see it that way. “I’m not mad at you, but I’m still mad that I was late.” she chirped. But the happy chirping quickly changed to sour. Maybe it had something to do with my inability to stop the ribbing response from coming out of my mouth. Followed by my bugging statements. “You look like you’re mad.”

Bathroom Humor

bathroom door Rarely do I get a minute to myself. Especially in the summer. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a mother that lives for the summer and carefree schedules. I could never homeschool. My kids would be incredibly dull and light-years behind their peers academically because I just can’t stop myself from taking the better offer to the park, or the movie, or … well anything. Oh yeah, and though recovering, I’m still working on my procrastination and organizationally impairment. So when summer finally arrives, I sink into it – every unscheduled moment of it. But along with the footloose and fancy free attributes, summer also ushers in close quarters of sorts. We’ve got lots of bodies and limited space (… still farm dreaming over here.) So why does it surprise me when my personal time and space is

Read, Hot and Blue-hoo-hoo

Summer brings so many “fun” things. There really are great things. No schedule, homework, stress, meetings… It also brings lots of close quarter creativity. The Texas Summer has come on with a vengeance. Not only is it hot, we’ve crossed 100 more than once (yikes!). A nice southern wind has been blowing. Enveloping you like a convection oven the minute you leave the comfort of an air-conditioned home, car, store, office building. Mmmmm…. You can see people walking the streets talking to themselves, “Remember the winters. Remember the winters. Remember the winters.” That’s why we live here – winter. Well, that and all the nice folks, and no state income tax, and family values, and… don’t get a Texan started. So we’ve been searching creativity,
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