Kid Can Do – Dinner

grilled chicken Since starting all the media stuff for Cleaning House – lots of incredible radio interviews, our little trek to NYC for Fox & Friends, Good Morning Texas, (see: In the News) … – I’ve gotten several questions about what our kids have been up to, sometimes in disbelief. So, I’ve decided themoatblog needs to have a “Kid Can Do” segment every so often. I’m happy to share the recipes, techniques, and ideas (which I hope you will do the same) so we can at least set the kids up for success. Earlier this week, a mom on a call-in-show asked me how our eight year old could make dinner, in that an oven and danger is involved. I knew exactly what she was talking about. It’s hard to ask a little kid to open the oven and retrieve a hot pan of food. That’s why we got creative, kept that kid
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