Table Talk: Remember When? by Kathryn Martin

gratitude Today’s Table Talk is written by our own Sue Bohlin‘s good friend, Kathryn Martin. We are so fortunate that Kathryn offered to share with us some of her vast wisdom. Get ready to be blessed. And might we all let the blessing flow forth to our kids as we anchor our eyes with gratitude on the goal, not the moment. Thanks, Kathryn! … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Do you remember when just smelling your baby’s sweet head made your heart overflow with gratitude to God?  When all it took for your child’s face to be wreathed in smiles was to see you coming into view?  When your hugs and kisses solved most of their hurts both physical and emotional?  Neither do I except in the far, dim reaches of my memory. Now smelly shoes, eyes that roll at your suggestions and pain that is not easily solved seem to fill your
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