Table Talk: The Most Powerful Woman in the World by Janet Denison

Today’s Table Talk is by our friend Janet Denison. I asked if she might be willing to share her thoughts on the competitive nature of life these days – especially as it relates to parenting. She landed on eternal issues and posted it here. But I have to say.. I love what she posted recently wrote on Angela Merkel. So I’m going to share that instead. Please check out her blog: Janet’s Blog And if you’re like me, a tiny bit behind in current events and the daily topics of the world, check out her husband’s blog and web site: Denison Forum. Thanks for sharing, Janet. And, thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Angela Merkel is the most powerful woman in the world, according to Forbes Magazine.  She is the first female chancellor of Germany and a member of the Christian Democratic Union Party.  According

Kathleen Fischer is “… just ASKING”

Today’s post is by our friend and resident teen-expert Kathleen Fischer. I meant to re-post this right after Thanksgiving when she wrote it, but – always better late than never!  Seriously she’s “just asking” … I’m just sayin’. Also, check out the link to Janet Denison’s blog where she is promoting RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) this weekend with a fun give-away. So beyond the warm-fuzzies that flow whenever we go beyond ourselves, Janet is ready to put her terrific new book in your hands, too. Mostly she hopes that everyone will share, because sharing – more often than not – inspires. Thanks Kathleen for keeping us on our toes, thanks Janet for making serving fun … and thanks to you guys for walking the road with me. -Kay If you’ve heard me speak,

Table Talk – The Prodigal’s Mother by Janet Denison

life ring Today’s post is by our friend Janet Denison. She thought we might enjoy considering a new spin on a well-known story. Here are her thoughts on the one person missing in the story of the prodigal son … his mom. Thanks for sharing, Janet…. and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay I’ve taught the parable of the prodigal son from Luke, chapter 15, many times.  It never occurred to me until today to ask, “Where was his mother?”  I understand the parable should probably be titled the parable of the loving father.  The story is much more about the father than the son.  Nevertheless, there isn’t a mom anywhere in the picture.  Why did Jesus leave her out of his parable?  I think I might have the answer.  Consider the story of the prodigal son if Dad was gone that day and Mom had been left to

A Summer That Makes Sense… And Cents! by Janet Denison – Plus, MOAT in the News

2 cents It’s the LAST day of school around here. I for one am super excited to see a little less of this: We visit neighborhood stations at least once a week (sadly sometimes more) during the school year. I had a very interesting conversation with one of the kids yesterday about the realities of owning a car that I will share on Monday. But today, I wanted to share a guest post from Janet Denision. She and her husband Jim have been touching lives for years – faithfully sharing their wisdom and encouraging all who cross their path. What a treat for Janet to impart some summer wisdom on us today. I hope you enjoy! The last day of school is one of the best days of the year.  For moms: No more carpool!  No more school projects (that your child mentions are due tomorrow – sometime after they finish dinner.)  No more early morning drop offs
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