The Gimme Generation

One of my very favorite MOAT Ironing Board Advisers, Sue Wills (my mom :)  has sent me a few fun things. She saw this interview on FoxNews and thought we might be interested. Further fuel to keep us equipping our kids rather than enabling. Our kids are so amazing. What a shame to stunt their potential by over-serving and racing in to save them at every turn. This report offers a glimpse into the mindset of kids that expect it all to be given to them rather than earned. Thanks, Mom!… and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay

Feeding Our Troops

Today’s post is by one of our MOAT Ironing Board moms. Ann Bentley and her husband Chuck have been so sweet to let me rope them into the MOAT project from the beginning. Plus they’ve been terrific friends and wonderful advisors through so many stages of life. I for one am extremely grateful to have them walking the road with us … and was especially touched by Ann sharing these excerpts from Todd’s letters. They’re such a great reminder that meals and family time mean so much more than we realize. Thanks, Ann for sharing. Thanks, Todd for serving … and thanks to y’all for walking the road with me. If you have a few idle hands at home this summer, get them together with some neighbors and put together a care package for troops serving overseas. Todd shares some terrific ideas in his letters below.    We shop for groceries. We

More from our Panel…

Here are a few more clips from our inaugural “MOATblog Presents” – a Panel Discussion on parenting entitled “Who’s Asking Who” If you missed Tuesday’s post, here’s the background: The panel included Kyle & Lucina Thompson who wrote a guest blog in the Fall about our current dating environment where girls seem to be taking over the healm. (click here to see their blog: Turned Tables – One Family’s Take On Dating) Brett & Sheri Johnston and Herb & Lulie Thompson rounded out our panel of parents (one family all boys, one all girls, one a boy & a girl) who decided to do it purposefully. No one is claiming perfection. It was just a forum in which to discuss ideas, approaches, methods and what Scripture has to say about parenting. I hope you enjoy. PLEASE

Tuesday’s Tips … and then some

Okay, so we’re going to try a little something new… on the cusp of something really new. Loving blogspot as much as I have, I’m in the process of changing the site to squarespace. Hopefully sometime within the next few weeks, you will click on this and be magically transported to a new and improved moatblog site. Okay, so it will be what you have now (old posts, disabilities, challenges and all) plus a little more. Trust me… nothing super fancy, but hopefully super informative. The little more will be a page called “MySagePage” where you will be able to access video blogs as I attempt to clear my technologically-challenged hurdle and have a spot where moms and dads can tune in via video. In an effort to get my feet wet, guest blogs this week will be snippets from our inaugural “MOATblog Presents”
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