Table Talk – Three Doors? by Kathleen Fischer

Today’s Table Talk is by our friend Kathleen Fischer who shares a wonderful post from her blog. I saw this on Monday and asked if I could repost and direct people to her site. So, here’s a small excerpt. Be sure to click on “Read More” to see the rest. It’s worth it. Thanks Kathleen… and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay My brother raised his sons in Spur, Texas, population 1,088 and dropping. One day he and I were discussing the problems faced by families in my area (a large city). He listened and thought a minute, then said, “Sister, the problem with y’all is you don’t have enough doors.” “Enough doors? What do you mean,” I asked. “Well,” he began, “all the kids in your area think there’s only one door for them to enter, only one path to follow. And that regardless what they

Table Talk: Thanksgiving Ideas by Cindy McWhorter

Today’s Table Talk is by my dear and wise friend Cindy McWhorter. On a day to stop and be thankful, she is one woman in my life for whom I give thanks. She has taught my children and mentored me (as well as countless other moms in our neighborhood). She purposefully parented her two grown kids and continues to groom leaders for the next generation. Thanks for sharing Cindy … and thanks for walking the road with me. Happy Thanksgiving! -Kay Here are a few ideas that you might enjoy over the Thanksgiving holidays. 1. Prior to the Thanksgiving meal, place three (or more) kernels of dried corn in each person’s plate.  Pass a bowl around the table and each person tells three things they are thankful for as they place the kernels in the bowl.  You may wish to keep a Thanksgiving journal and record each person’s three blessings.  In subsequent


A couple weeks ago, Jon & I, along with 200 of our closest friends, enjoyed an evening with David Brooks. When I met him before he spoke and told him about our MOAT effort to transfer responsibilities to our kids’ plates in an effort to move away from entitlement and toward confidence infused self-sufficiency, he quickly responded, “That’s what I’m speaking about tonight.” Needless to say, I was pretty excited. He threw out some convicting statistics and stories. But the thing that really hit home was his conclusion that enabling inevitably results in narcissism – a far cry from the humble/service stance upon which our country was founded. I loved that his research landed him in the same spot our Experiment landed us. We weren’t looking at the country, but our house sure became much more other-centered when

Realizing the Value of Money

With Homecomings in the air, I was encouraged by a couple of MOAT kids’ approach to the high school festivity. One of them not only asked a young lady in his grade, but also paid for the entire evening out of his own stash. “How did he get the money?” I asked one of the moms. “From their Lacrosse camp this summer.” Being a bit memory-challenged, I couldn’t believe I had forgotten about the camp they held… especially since I blogged about their summer job not too long ago: (Job Fair – as in “That’s Not”). These boys organized and hosted a lacrosse camp for area kids. It’s not college recruitment level instruction, but it’s just what the neighborhood ordered. The boys put together their own web site, filmed and posted short instruction videos on the
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