Table Talk: Motivator or Manipulator by Andy Kerckhoff

Today’s guest post is by our friend Andy Kerckhoff. He’s a teacher, an author and blogger at growingupwell – and a parent. So he has special insight and wisdom that I always find interesting. I hope you do as well. Check out Andy’s blog or his his book: Critical Connection: A practical guide to parenting young teens. Thanks for sharing, Andy … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Once again, his room isn’t clean, not by any standard. Her backpack, jacket, and shoes are scattered about the floor of the hall, again. His grades are sub-par in math, again. She is making the family late to school, again. He seems to be nonchalant about his music audition this weekend. She isn’t running enough to prepare for soccer tryouts next week. How do you approach the lack of motivation: carrot or

Table Talk: Choices by Andy Kerckhoff

Today’s Table Talk is by our friend, and as of this week published author, Andy Kerckhoff. He has been kind to share his wisdom with us since themoatblog began. As a teacher and parent of tween/teens, he has a unique vantage point from which to offer advice, direction and commiseration. Here’s a link to his new book, Critical Connection. You can also find Andy at his blog, on Twitter and Facebook. So many arguments between parents and children arise over choices. Which restaurant will we go to for dinner? When will you do your homework? Can he go to the mall with his friends tonight? Some of those choices are for the parent to make as the benevolent dictator of the family, and others are fine for the child to make. Often, it is a negotiation, and the child often has the greater will. Before you can give a child a choice, whether

Table Talk – Why Teachers Quit by Andy Kerckhoff

teachers Today’s Table Talk is by the MOAT’s good friend Andy Kerckhoff. He’s in the trenches and on the front-lines having been an educator for almost 20 years. He loves kids and is invested in raising a generation equipped and strong to do all they were created to do. Here’s a piece from a longer article Andy has written regarding teachers and their struggles to keep on keepin’ on. He’s got a good word for us as parents. Might we have ears to hear and conviction to teach our kids a little about respect. Thanks for sharing Andy … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay The Great Frustration of Feeling Underappreciated and Disrespected Perhaps the most frustrating problem in the classroom is disinterested and disrespectful students. It’s hard enough to manage 25 motivated students, but

Table Talk: Growing Up Too Fast, by Andy Kerckhoff

Today’s Table Talk is by our friend Andy Kerckhoff, the author of the blog Growing Up Well. Being that he’s an educator, coach and parent, he’s smack dab in the center of things and always has something worth thinking about up his sleeve. Thanks Andy! … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay   Growing Up Too Fast Every day I am amazed at how 13-year-olds are both incredibly immature and mature.  With any group of seventh graders, there will be some kids with tremendous maturity and some with absolutely none.  Even more amazing is how a single student can seem so mature one moment and so utterly immature the next moment.  It’s a paradox that makes my job as a father, teacher, and coach constantly interesting and challenging. This is not a new phenomenon, but I think it has grown from a simple stage of development to a
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