Table Talk – Teamwork & Goals

Today’s Table Talk is part-2 from last week’s discussion with Dottie Jones, one of Dallas’ sweetest mentors on home management. Get ready for some terrific insight on setting and successfully meeting goals – as a family team. Thoughts from Dottie Jones Teamwork and Goals With “Family Purpose” in mind, you can move on to thinking about “Teamwork and Goals”. Remember, “purpose is why” we do what we do, the goals are what we do to get there. During your next Family Meeting talk about how your family can become a team that wins. First lets begin by talking about teams in general. Here are some questions you can ask your kids in your family meeting: 1. What are the 2 main parts of a team? (Coaches and players) 2. What is the main goal of a team? ( To win) 3. What are some things that coaches and players do to improve their chances

Family Meeting

A big shout out to Dottie and her very helpful words of wisdom last week. I personally was convicted about one thing. Actually including the kids in a family meeting instead of participation being limited to their presence. Our family meetings go a little something like this: “Okay kids. Get in here. We’re having a Family Meeting.” Looks are exchanged between the kids. A couple sport wide-eyed fear. Another an accusatory, “what did you do this time” stare bullseyed to a brother. And no meeting would be complete without a full eye roll accompanied by a sigh. Dad’s annunciation picks up just a bit, tone slightly sterner. “No one is in trouble. ” (They’re not too sure about that.) “We want to discuss something all of us need to work on.” I think the “all of
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