Table Talk – Losing My Marbles by David Wills

Today’s Table Talk is written by someone very special to me, my brother David. I’ve hounded him for a while to share something on our blog, so I’m glad he finally succumbed. Despite the fact that he no longer will sit by me at family gathering meals (somehow things on his plate always look just a little tastier than items on mine… he doesn’t consider my roving fork the compliment I intend it to be), he puts up with me and has always been a fountain of wise council. Now, he faithfully shares about generosity through his role at the National Christian Foundation. Check it out. It’s pretty terrific. NationalChristianFoundation (“Out of the Jar” watercolor by Janet Mach Dutton) Losing My Marbles OK, ok those that know me are probably thinking this title reflects that I have just experienced a sudden flash of self
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