A Different Twist on Tuesday’s Tasty Tip

Today’s tip might have nothing to do with food, but it sure is tasty… okay, so super helpful. The other day, we got something in the mail from American Express. They have a new card called PASS, “a prepaid reloadable card parents give to teens.” They say that is is a “new alternative to debit and credit and its safer than cash. Parents load the card and teens use it to…” buy whatever they need/want. Kids can choose their color and enjoy their own card, that’s not really credit or debit. I could enjoy less fighting over money and differences of opinion on what is worth a few bucks. We could avoid the bank, trying to teach them about overdrawing … and all those things I find burdensome in my own life. Plus, I’m a sucker for good marketing. I fought the urge to “sign me up”

Chuck’s Words on Work cont….

Today begins our second week of the kids handling evening meal time. From planning to shopping to cleaning to cooking to cleaning again, Week 1 far surpassed what I imagined it could be. I helped with the stove and oven as requested, showed them how to do some basic food prep, and supplied ideas on menus. But, for the most part, they did each meal. So, as Week 2 commences, our family met last night and decided what everyone would make (our 7-yr. old is excitedly cooking B for D tonight … yes, a little pancake & egg action). I’m hoping I can stay on top of it. Keep their enthusiasm fueled by new recipes, creative ideas, all kinds of things I should have been doing all along. Thank goodness today is a new day … no need to wallow in the what should-have-been-done’s … moving forward is the important thing. We had

Table Talk – Kids & Money, Part 1

Today we are so fortunate to have Chuck Bentley as our guest blogger. Sit back and enjoy his words of wisdom on kids and work. What a great idea and exciting idea to have a revolution in your own home! I love the mission and hope to be an encouragement to you and the compassionate crusaders who have joined in the battle. First, some quick context. My wife, Ann, and I have four boys: ages 27, 24, 12 & 9 plus a grandson that is a year old! Our many years of raising children has taught us both the humbling and rewarding aspects of this sacred trust. We are very blessed that our oldest sons are pursing their dreams, are financially independent of us and are mature, responsible adults. Parenting is a journey that promises life’s most heart wrenching challenges as well as moments of euphoric joy. I believe it is the testing ground of our faith
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