A No-Rescue Pledge

My (our) friend Brenna Stull shared such an applicable exhortation in her monthly newsletter that I received today, I emailed her to ask if I could share. I found it inspiring… and encouraging. Because, at times I feel a bit lonely on this road. Probably because my road is filled with kids telling me that they are “THE ONLY ONES” who have to do anything at home. We all know it’s not true … It’s just so nice to hear it in action. Thanks Brenna!! … and thanks for walking the road with me. This month I have a challenge for those of you with children in school, and for myself as well. Would you like to do something that would not only greatly encourage your child’s teacher, but would build your child’s character at the same time? Yes? Then repeat this pledge with me: “I will not allow myself to rescue

Table Talk – Sink Space by Brenna Stull

Today’s Table Talk is by my friend Brenna Stull. She’s an author, speaker, mentor, teacher … and a mom in the thick of things just like us. (But from the looks of her kitchen sink (below), she might be a bit more on top of it than than some of us (although we all know that’s not saying much for me … Have I mentioned my Disorganization Recovery Program among all the others?!) All I can say is, get a cup of coffee and enjoy this wonderful guest blog that is right on par with the rest of us. Isn’t it nice to walk the road together?! Thanks Brenna. … and thanks for walking it with me. -Kay Sink Space I really hate to complain, since in the last few hours of me sitting to write this post the words “cool mom” came out of the mouths of both of my teenage boys (for the first time and at two different moments) in reference
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