Table Talk: Talk Early & Often by Andy Braner

We are so fortunate to have the wonderful Andy Braner sharing some of his vast wisdom with us today. Andy is not only passionate about raising up the generations, but has such great handle on the pulse of adolescents and teens. I for one am grateful and am thrilled that he’s spreading the wealth. Enjoy. And please check out Andy’s stuff including his new book Alone:Finding Connection in a Lonely World. I’ve been working with teenagers and parents for the last 15 years.  Learning to communicate current trends, current language, and current habits is difficult for those of us who grew up in a different time. I was talking with some parents the other day, and it occurred to me Facebook has only been around since 2004 YouTube has only been around since 2003 Google has only been around since the late 90’s And before

Table Talk: When Most People Think of Teenagers … by Andy Braner

Braner's Alone Today’s Table Talk is by Andy Braner. We are super blessed to have him share from his vast knowledge about the teen scene. It’s important for us as parents to know what’s going on so we can love and raise our kids well. His new book, Alone, Finding Connection in a Lonely World was released this past Monday. Check it out and let him know what you think – on Facebook or on his Blog. Who knows?… we might learn something about ourselves, too. Thanks for sharing, Andy! … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay When most people think of teenagers, they quickly drift to images of sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Adolescents have been branded over the years as tribe of people going through “their phase.”  (Whatever that means.) What if I told you that sex, drugs, and rock & roll aren’t really

Table Talk: Ever Wonder What Your Kids Are Learning At School? by Andy Braner

Today’s TableTalk is by Andy Braner. Andy is passionate about kids, especially teens. Andy runs a terrific youth camp focused on Christian worldview training & fun in southern Colorado (Camp Kivu – check it out), is a widely sought-after speaker and author of three books. His latest of which peels back the layers on what kids are faced with in the area of sex and relationships. Oh yeah, he & his sweet wife Jamie Jo have five kids. What Andy has to say may be hard hitting, but we need to know and act on it. Check out Andy’s new book at The Pantry. Thanks for sharing, Andy!! … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Links to Andy’s stuff: / campkivu.com   AND NOW FOR THE PARENTS’ EDUCATION ABOUT TEEN SEX  Ever wonder what your kids are learning at school? 
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